Yoga Borgo

14 - 21 September 2019

Level 2 Teacher Training: Conscious Communication

Teacher Training Level 2: Conscious Communication
1-week Residential Immersion at the Yoga Borgo in Umbria, Italy
14 - 21 Sept 2019

With Master Teacher Sada Sat Kaur and Lead Trainer Siri Ram Kaur

For six glorious days, through meditation, kriya, group work and powerful video classes, you will learn how to speak meditatively and intuitively, how to listen and not just hear, and how to create dialogue that can build and nurture relationships.

When we communicate consciously, we align the mind and soul so that we elevate our self and those around us. The idea is to create a common notion that we may connect with others even if we disagree. We learn that our presence communicates even if no words are spoken.

In this course you will develop the tools to transform yourself and your communication to be kind, aware, genuine and successful.

Key Topics: 
  • Explore what conscious and harmonious communication means
  • How to speak intuitively, meditatively and effectively
  • How to master the Fifth Chakra using applied consciousness in communication
  • The Art of Deep Listening. 
  • Learn to let your presence and your aura speak
  • How to speak effectively using the frequency of the different chakras
  • How to communicate with the Infinite

This course is presented in interactive learning environments. You will explore topics and discuss them with other students in both small and large groups. You will have the opportunity to practice meditations deeply over an extended time. You will test and observe the application of these techniques and attitudes in your life.

This course prepares you to advance toward Kundalini Yoga Teacher Level 2 certification, as offered by the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI).

Sada Sat Kaur began practicing Kundalini Yoga in 1970 and also studied Naad Yoga (the Yoga of Sound) directly with Yoga Bhajan. She is known the world over through her teaching, and her CDs Angels’ Waltz, Shashara, and Mantra Masala. Sada Sat Kaur travels worldwide to bring the power and transformational energy of chanting and Kundalini Yoga to people everywhere. She is also a homeopath and holistic practitioner. The Yoga Borgo, her ashram home in Umbria, Italy, is the realization of the dream of Sada Sat Kaur and Sada Sat Singh: to create a welcoming, sacred, heart-centered place for seekers and practitioners on the spiritual path.

Siri Ram Kaur Khalsa (Italy) began practicing Kundalini Yoga in 1991, studying directly with Yogi Bhajan for many years. She is a Lead Trainer of KRI Level 1 and Level 2 courses, in addition to being a leading trainings in "Conscious Pregnancy" programs. Siri Ram Kaur has pursued other disciplines related to Kundalini Yoga for over 20 years. She has studied Sat Nam Rasayan with Guru Dev Singh since 1993. Meeting Bhai Baldeep Singh in 1996 encouraged her to start a deep practice of Naad Yoga and Gurbani Kirtan. Siri Ram Kaur also creates beautiful malas with a healing approach, personalized on the basis of numerology. Siri Ram lives near Perugia, Italy with her husband and two daughters.

Course Fees:
*300€ initial deposit required to hold your spot in the course

Instruction and course materials:
Early discount price: 720€ if all fees are paid by 23 August 2019
Regular price: 835€ after 23 August 2019

425€ - This fee includes your accommodations in a shared room and amenities. 

Payment may be made directly to our bank or via Paypal. Please let us know which method you prefer and we will send you details.

Dates of the course include your arrival and departure dates.
Plan to arrive by 19:00/ 7pm on the first date of the course (14 Sept)
Departure: After breakfast 11:00/ 11am on the last date of the course (21 Sept)


Sada Sat Kaur
Sada Sat Kaur

Sada Sat Kaur began practicing Kundalini Yoga in 1970 and also studied Naad Yoga (the Yoga of Sound) directly with Yoga Bhajan. She is known the world over through her CDs Angels’ Waltz, Shashara, and Mantra Masala. Sada Sat K...