Yoga Borgo

March 23-26, 2017

Mantra and Naad Yoga Training

Sacred Sounds Training with Sada Sat Kaur

at Yoga Borgo

Naad Yoga and the Healing Power of Sound

23-26 March 2017

Body -  Mind - Spirit

Heal Yourself

Healing the Healer

Heal the World

Open to yogis and healers of all traditions, and all those who love to chant

  • Learn powerful mantras from the Kundalini Yoga tradition that build the healing energy within you
  • Experience the relaxation and the clarity that bring natural healing
  • Connect to the pure healing energy of the universe that is available to you at all times
  • Practice how to focus the mantras and your mind to create healing within you and around you 
  • Bring home the tools for continued transformation and radiant healing

Sada Sat Kaur will guide you into the experience of Naad and Mantra, and how to deeply connect with the healing energy that effects your mind, your body, your spirit, and the world. 

What to expect:

  • Daily Yoga Classes to support the process of expanding your healing power
  • Early spring days at the beautiful Yoga Borgo in the hills of Umbria
  • Ashram life in a cozy, supportive atmosphere with Sada Sat Kaur and Sada Sat Singh

This course is part of Sada Sat Kaur’s ongoing series:

 Mantra, Sacred Sounds and Naad Yoga Training    

Sada Sat Kaur is an American Yogi and a Master Teacher of Kundalini Yoga, Mantra and Naad Yoga. She began practicing Kundalini Yoga in 1970 and studied directly with Yogi Bhajan starting in1971. Sada Sat Kaur holds a University Degree in the Arts from NYU, and an advanced degree in Homeopathy from Luminos. She is a Certified Homeopathic Master Clinician.

She brings her deep knowledge of Naad Yoga (The Yoga of Sound and Mantra) and Kundalini Yoga to her courses, workshops and concerts and is internationally known for her teaching and her mantra CDs (Angels’ Waltz, Shashara and Mantra Masala). She has a special interest is the language of Gurumukhi and Shabd Guru, that hold the wealth of mantras for Kundalini Yoga. Her classes are inspiring, warm, fun and filled with music and great stories of life as a yogi.
Sada Sat Kaur lives and teaches in Italy with her husband Sada Sat Singh at their ashram home, The Yoga Borgo, a 3HO teaching center, in the hills of Umbria, Italy. She is a KRI Lead Trainer for all Levels of Teacher Training, and a Facilitator for White Tantric Yoga.

Total fees including the course and accommodations:
€465 if paid in full by March 8, 2017/ €530 after March 8, 2017

Dates of the course include your arrival and departure dates.
Arrival: Please plan to arrive by 19:00/ 7 p.m. on the first date of the course.
Depature is after lunch and before 15:00/3p.m. on the last date of the course.

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Sada Sat Kaur
Sada Sat Kaur

Sada Sat Kaur began practicing Kundalini Yoga in 1970 and also studied Naad Yoga (the Yoga of Sound) directly with Yoga Bhajan. She is known the world over through her CDs Angels’ Waltz, Shashara, and Mantra Masala. Sada Sat K...