Yoga Borgo
For practitioners of all levels of Kundalini Yoga, My Kundalini App contains a full array of Kundalini Yoga sets taught by Yogi Bhajan. An all-in-one tool for your daily yoga. Our first App, is called “Physical Training Manual”. It is a collection of 25 never before published yoga sets that Yogi Bhajan taught at his ranch in New Mexico in the summers of 1993 and 1994.

In this series Yogi Bhajan focuses on a very rigorous, energetic, challenging, boot camp approach to Physical Training. These classes were held on his lawn at the ranch and he called them “Morning PT.” They are a wonderful, playful combination of Calisthenics style Yoga that fulfill Yogi Bhajan’s credo that everyday we must sweat, meditate and laugh!

Yogi Bhajan said about the Physical Training series, “These exercises are very, very simple, extremely dynamic and will relieve you of all dis – ease possibilities. We work on the Chakras, we work on the organs and we work on the nervous system.”