Yoga Borgo

Yoga Lifestyle

Take your yoga “off the mat”. Yoga can be much more than the postures we may do in our practice. Depending on how much we want to bring “union” or “one-ness” into our life, we can bring the lessons of yoga into every part of daily living. Everything from healthy eating to a happy mind, we can lead the yogic lifestyle off the mat.

As we become more conscious and more sensitve, life transforms. Through living a yogic life, we can carry this transformation into all aspects of, success, relationships, family, communication..everything. Yoga can be a comprehensive lifestyle that allows our spirit to shine in every facet of life. Life then reflects the beauty and grace of yoga in all that we do. We can live as healthy, happy and whole people…bountiful, blissful and beautiful.

Everything you need to know about the yoga lifestyle: From how to sleep well at night and wake up in the morning, to tips for a healthy diet and happy mind, check here for what you need to know about leading the yogic life off the mat.