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For over 30 years Sada Sat Kaur has toured the world, chanting mantras and singing kirtan in ashrams, concert halls, schools, public parks. In India, audiences have been known to flock to her as if she were the Beatles. “We play to crowds of 200,000 people,” she says. “They want to touch you and get your autograph. You go to these parks when it’s a Sikh holiday, and they hear that these American Sikhs are going to sing, and you can’t even see the end of the sea of people.” As the decades have passed, that sea of people has never managed to hoist Sada Sat Kaur toward a recording studio-until now. “The feeling inside myself was that this was all going to happen when it was supposed to happen,” she says, “and it did.” In 2000 she was hanging around the watermelon tent at a Summer Solstice retreat in the mountains of New Mexico when she fell into an exchange with musician and producer Jeremy Toback. “We just got to talking and Jeremy and I were like, `Let’s do an album.” The result of that chance encounter is Angels’ Waltz, the debut disc.


Release date: 11 May 2004
Running length: 7 tracks
Running time: 54:59

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Angels' Waltz

Angels’ Waltz by yoga mindy:
“This is a beautiful chanting music that lifts your heart. Sing along and find your heart lift to the heavens. This is my favorite getting ready for the day music.”

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Mantra Masala

Sada Sat Kaur’s new album, Mantra Masala, is filled with a sparkling mix of vibrant world-beat rhythms for yoga and dance, and sweet, peaceful sounds for meditation. Sada Sat Kaur’s rich, expressive and profound voice, and gorgeous music will fill you with joy and inspiration. The perfect CD for yoga practice, in your car, and the on-the-go playlist on your IPod. Mantra Masala is a wondrously beautiful way to connect with the Infinite.

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